Saturday, 30 May 2015

Tiers of joy

WHAT? A YEAR HAS PASSED?! Well, let's just pretend that didn't happen. Although I can't just go on without casually mentioning that we in that time we moved cities and back into our house, which doesn't provide an excuse, but rather a whole new opportunities for house Pinterest activities that have already / will be done and with any luck, blogged about.

In other news, I will either be crazy out of control too busy for blogging in around 5 months when our first child is due (I know, thank you), OR turn overnight into a crazy earth mother who only allows Pinterest directed homemade products made from baking soda to touch her eldest's skin. It could go either way. I'm sure you're excited about that.

So...what have I been up to, Pinterest wise? Well, the following project has sat in my dining room now for around a month, and every time I eat I hear the voice of my only follower Libby asking, 'Why? why haven't you posted this?' So, to make eating a little less weird, here's the post.



OVERALL - 9 /10. "It's good to be back"

The photos don't do it justice. The beauty of this is that I've managed also to have a reason to have an awesome wedding gift on display 365 days a year without the temptation of cakes that a cake stand would usually bring, AND have on-trend succulents on display. Boom. The point off is because the bowls aren't quite big enough - they'd ideally be 3 or 4 more cm in diameter to fit the cake stand, but I sent 3 weekends looking for bowls and that's as much time as my patience could take.

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