Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Chalkboard Platter

Oooh, what a cute idea! Now I'll take that idea, spend $30 on chalkboard paint, and wreck an ugly platter.  Did I use it to serve food for the party I was attending that night? Heck no, after several hours in the sun the paint still hadn't dried properly. There were pregnant people and I didn't want to be responsible for severe food poisioning. Lesson learned: do it properly or don't bother at all.



OVERALL - 3/10
Potential there, but not with such an ugly platter.  The paint job will not make it a nice plate shape, no matter how many coats you slap on. But especially if you try and do it two hours before you need it.  This is currently sitting in the bin waiting to be removed by the city council.

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