Sunday, 26 August 2012

100s and 1000s Rimmed Glasses

The last one was such a disaster that I thought I'd try something a little easier (read: foolproof) to build my confidence back up.  And give my lungs some time to recover from the paint fumes. So, trolling the pinterest web I I found something cute and easy for an upcoming party.  Did I say appropriate? No didn't, and it wasn't.  When you're 30 and having people over for a sophisicated cocktail party, you shouldnt really serve those cocktails in a glass rimmed with 100s and 1000s. But hey, a win for Pinterest is a win on this blog, not matter if it's a loss for my social credibility. Apologies that my picture seems like it was doctored with that Instagram program. I deny all knowledge of how that happened.



OVERALL RATING - 7/10 - good product, wrong context
I thought these came out really well, and so when I make these for my children in about say 10 years' time, I'll definitely know what I'm doing.  If I haven't, of course, completely forgotten about them, or the robot butler does it for the kids automatically.

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  1. I freaking LOVED those glasses. It's great to have something to gnaw on when you've finished your Chambord.