Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Gate expectations

Firstly, yes I did just copy a previous headline pun. Obviously I am now a Pinterest Pro, with the score at 3:3 and having successfully changed the name of the blog to spell Pinterest correctly in the title and throughout the posts. Nailed it. (Credit to my one blog post reader [note; I did NOT say follower, I have none] Libby for pointing out my basic spelling failure). Time to show how out there I really am and go for something crazy.

Time for ....the purple gate. Does my garden look desolate in winter without any flowering colour? Yes! Why not solve that problem by taking a perfectly good rustic gate and painting it a crazy colour to fill that void 24/7/365? Why not indeed.

PINTEREST (aimng for a combination of...)


OVERALL RATING -7/10 - I don't care if nobody else likes it
I think my dad summed up 99% of the general population's opinion when he saw me painting and asked 'what the hell are you wrecking that gate for?' He didn't understand why I studied politics at university and he certainly would never understand this.

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