Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy birthday Elliot!

I don't think that I have mentioned my beloved best friend's daughter, Elliot, before.  In her name I happily pin things away on the "For Elliot" board that are partly for her but may be partly for me if I ever get around to stop working / mucking around on Pinterest all day and actually have children.

Well, that just paid off today, Elliot's second birthday. Last night, after some fairly painful dental surgery for which no doubt "don't blow up 30-odd balloons' was only accidently left off the instruction list, I blew up 30-odd balloons to create a celebratory balloon arch for my favourite little girl.



OVERALL RATING 9/10 - Love it!

Hurray for it being my birthday in two weeks, might just whip up one of these for myself.
Only one point off because I guess the top one is pretty cool in that it has so many balloons. But I only had so much breath. And they wouldnt have fitted anyway.

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  1. She loved it too! Aidan said she was like 'look at that!' and did a little jump. Only thing is that the balloons are randomly popping - like at 2.30am and 5am and 7.30am! There is obviously a reason I could get 100 for 7 bucks...

    thanks again!!