Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Trifle Disappointing

Pinterest is nothing if not a medium by which you try to create things so that people will love you and approve of your life choices (no? just me?), and so the old 'friends fly down to visit you for dinner to check out your new apartment' chestnut obviously meant hours of scrolling in preparation for Libby and Aidan's trip to the capital last weekend.  

However, this week's adventure only proved yet again that you cannot simply substitute all bar one of the ingredients and expect to get away with it. 

I blame the recipe name, "Easy Trifle". Apparently that does not mean it is so easy you don't have to read the ingredients or instructions.



Visually this was fine, hence the one point and punny section title. But taste wise, sickly sweet and somehow less than the sum of its parts. Aidan finished his out of sympathy, husband Murray did not afford me that pity.  

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