Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Cracker of a Christmas!

I have an amazing knack for voluntering to do unneccesary things that I think will be easy and end up creating a whole bunch of stress and harrassment for little gain to anyone.

For this year's Christmas, I opted to create a rod for my own back by thinking it would be SO MUCH FUN to make Christmas crackers for our awesome annual Christmas dinner with people at the long suffering Hogglebert household.

Making five crackers would have been fun. Finding things to put in 25 crackers, plus trying to steal 25 toilet rolls from various houses and workplaces proved tricky. And don't start me on trying to get good cracker jokes.

However, for all my long nights and early mornings to finish them off, it did end up being fun, and like childbirth, I imagine I'll forget about the pain in about 12 months and be ready to do it again.

(p.s. I don't have any children, I'm basing this on my friends' experiences)
(p.p.s. If I have children, imagine how many new posts there may be!



OVERALL - 8/10
Already some time has passed so the pain has dulled and they get a higher rating ... plus they were fun.  Only points off are for how hard it was to find good stuff to put in them. And the sloppiness I put into some.

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  1. You've scored yourself too low on this one. They were amazing! They totally 'cracked' and it was fun seeing what everyone got inside (I got Ferrero Rocher, Ross got Panadol!) and reading out the terrible, terrible jokes.