Thursday, 12 December 2013

'Tis the season for Pinterest crafts ...

This blog entry is a special shout out to my home girl Libby, who I know has been on the edge of her seat waiting patiently for a Christmas project - and I have tried not to disappoint. I've had a few projects on the go recently which is well in keeping with my enthusiasm vis a vis inability to finish anything, and I can tell already that there will be some good fodder for blogging over the next few weeks.

First up though, something that seemed so easy I couldn't screw it up. Wreaths are a Christmas staple, but in the heat of the Southern Hemisphere December (arguable here in Wellington, but anyway ...), wreaths are really expensive and are largely left for the domain of shopping malls and large office receptions that can afford them.

So imagine my excitement when I saw this simple photo wreath on Pintrest! Of course! And so I raced to for 19c prints.



OVERALL - 6/10. Stylist required for the photo.

Bonus points if you realised that - SURPRISE - I didn't just copy the photo, I tried to be cutesy and get all my pics printed in black and white, bar a handful that were predominantly red and I thought might look like red baubles. They don't. That is mostly because the 'baubles' are to o big compared to the overall wreath. And the bow is too small. But luckily, the baubles don't detract too much I don't think.

The main things are that the bottom left quarter needs to move out a little, and I needed to style the shot better with a casually placed candle and vase of flowers. Fixable and superficial.

Heaps of love to Libby and to everyone reading this preparing for Christmas - hope you get time out to enjoy all your efforts. And do them for yourself as much as anyone else.

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  1. Oh, so fun! At I think that deserves a 7.5 at least, it looks lovely, very creative in a copying pinterest kind of way!