Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Cream Can Herb Garden of the Crop

What?! February only has 28 days? Lucky there is a Pinterest project I prepared earlier and can blog about pretty much at the 11th hour as to meet my monthly quota.

This is a DIY project almost of two halves. I did need a herb garden 'solution', but I more needed a solution to the fact that I'd just bought an antique cream can that my husband was not going to be happy about.

The cream can was only outside the antique store my work was located above about 20 minutes before I snaffled it without a second thought how one might get a 18 kilo rusty cream can home, what my husband would think, or even, what I was going to do with it.

Long blog cut short, getting it home involved trying to lift it for 20 metre bursts looking like it was all very easy and no problem to people walking the other way before letting go and collapsing over it puffing for a minute rest before doing it again. That only got me so far. Then I started to literally roll it down Cuba Mall like an idiot. Firstly, it's super loud on brick paving and attracted more attention. Secondly, it's not perfectly round, so hard to control.

So finally, I took it on the bus - a FULL bus, naturally - sitting on one seat with my trusty giant rusty cream can on the seat next to me. No one was going to dare question it.

So, voila, it was home. Then what? Obviously the miracle inspiration of turning it into a herb garden, thus meaning aforementioned husband could not complain (as much).



OVERALL - 10/10. Perfect! Yum and pretty.

The genius here is that of course the cream can is not filled with soil. That is a) gross, b) too heavy, c) not possible because of the multiple rust holes. But lucky me, the top of the cream can is just the same size as a bucket, so a black Bunnings bucket is snugly fit inside with rocks and sand in the bottom (all important drainage), then the soil, then the plants. Basil, mint, chives, and thyme, all doing well. The mint is clearly making a desperate attempt to escape, but I'm not taking it personally.

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