Saturday, 25 January 2014

A huge Fantail of Pinterest

Happy 2014! Predictably, one of my New Year's resolutions was to blog more regularly - once per month - and here I am scrambling together one on the 25th of January. Oh well, a base for improvement.

This is a little project I did a few months ago for my mother in law's birthday.  She loves fantail birds, and when I passed by a pop up craft shop with a cute little fantail photo holder string I was super keen to get it for her birthday the following week.  But being the great daughter in law that I am, I had already spent over the reasonable birthday gift allowance on something else, so I was dismayed to find the holder was $36.

$36? Not that extortionate, but it was just nice ribbon with felt cut out birds, embellished with above average stitching on the tail and glued onto mini pegs just like the ones I have heaps of at home for no reason...surely I could give that a go?

So I did.




OVERALL - 10/10. Boom!

I'm pretty sure it's true that mums like homemade gifts better than store bought ones. Or at least, they will pretend to super convincingly. This project was really easy, completed within the golden 3 hour timeframe that after which I will become crabby, not care, and just go out and buy something.  Even my terrible stitching skills were good enough, and the item hangs proudly in a prime position of Janis' lounge, Or at least, she remember to pull it out before we come over.

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  1. We have to wait for them...but they are worth waiting for! Another hilarious craft insight!