Friday, 31 August 2012

Hedging My Bets

This time I thought I'd try something that wasn't food related. Its winter, so I have been trawling Pintrest for images of gardens to remind myself that mine won't look bleak and empty for much longer as spring is around the corner ... tomorrow even. And I was especially taken by an image of a English country garden type style with box hedging, which seemed to mix my previosuly though incompatible loves of formal gardens with messy wildflowers. So off I went to the garden centre, 'invested' (not 'spent') a heap of money into these tiny buxus, got swept away in the moment and purchased a way too expensive obelisk to boom, and voila! A garden that looks very little like the desired outcome.



OVERALL RATING -6/10 - benefit of the doubt
I doubt that garden was transformed overnight either.  I can imagine that in three years time, when the buxus hedge you can barely see there (try harder - along the rail sleeper down the front horizontally) are big enough to knit, and its late spring rather than the last day of winter, this will look AWESOME. For now, it does not.


OK, so now it is the last day of spring, and after three months of growth I am very pleased with the progress.  I reckon be this time next year, it'll be just as good as it's Pinterest model.

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