Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bun times with Pinterest

I'm not exactly the most stylish person going, especially when it comes to my hair. Long and out of control, it has been confined to a messy ponytail al a 1997 styles since ... Well 1997. Apart from only one occasion when I wore it out (Hayley and Craig's wedding. It drove me crazy). On a whim, I thought I'd try a fashion that was now only 3 years old and ask my colleague how people do that top knot bun thing that is oh so incompatible with my motorbike helmet. She looked at my funny and said, 'wouldn't that be on Pinterest? Well yes, of course it was.



OVERALL - 4/10
We're just like twins! So why the low mark? It's because I well imagine the model above's sock did not fall out while walking along Cuba Mall, leaving me with super ugly crazy hair and a sock to pick up off the foot path. MIght try it again some day, but with hairspray and a heck of a lot of bobby pins.


  1. How funny! I like the messy ballerina bun look on you though, you should totally try it again!

  2. Looks gorgeous... but the best part is the falling out story! I have tried the sock thing exactly twice: once for Sam's Star Wars party (to make leia buns) and once another time that I forget but it kinda worked so I might persist with it. I feel slightly fraudulent though. Like I'm wearing implants...

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  4. I do this all the time, but don't bother with a sock. Get a mould. Inexpensive and worth it - they stay in place all day with a few pins.