Monday, 14 January 2013

Bags of fun (or how to annoy your husband in three easy suitcases)

Of all my Pinterest endeavours, this is the one that has been the cheapest (except the crate one which shall not be mentioned - its 8 months on now and they are still rotting outside our house), the easiest, and the one that has annoyed my husband the most.

In fact, when he spotted me snapping the pics below this morning, his face lit up in a way that is really quite usual for a man of his demeanor and asked "are you finally selling those things on TradeMe?*" 

No way. Our apartment is a little devoid of personality thanks to some impressively stringent rules against hanging anything. That, together with a huge amount of wall space and lack of large pieces of furniture means the place looks like the beginnings of a minimalist installation rather than a home.

Lucky we have Pinterest to suggest whimsical junk that not only could look cool, but solve our storage issues.

*For the benefit of any exotic reader who may accidentally stumble here (welcome!) TradeMe, or, is the New Zealand equivalent of ebay, e.g. a second hand trading site used to sell junk, or in my case, buy junk.



OVERALL - 9/10
Woohoo! $10 for things to put stuff on, to look cool, and stuff things in when people come around? Awesome! And no skills required - just hand over the $10 note, and then carry the cases, two each day, on the 20 minute walk home after work.  Luckily I live in Wellington, so that sort of thing looks normal. 


  1. OMG I didn't know you had 6 of those! Love it!

  2. Oh, you almost inspire me to join pine-interest with all your cool finds! And look, two comments, aren't you popular??!!

    1. ...which, if I'm not mistaken, makes a total of five. Yes, please join! You may need to practice your politely grateful face, because I'm tempted to start making stuffed felt letters for Elliot and 'Beyonce' over the winter. Instead you could make your own boards of stuff you'd actually like me to make.

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