Friday, 8 February 2013

Dish-tasteful DIY

I know that this blog can't be all about buying stuff I've seen on Pinterest, so this week I got into making something that looked pretty easy to make - foolproof.  In fact, it looked so easy and so good on the pin that I did wonder why people didn't do it all the time.  Now I know why.

The pin was a dish made out of a CD - well two, to be precise.  Everyone has old CDs lying around, and my lovely colleague handed me two straight away, keen to help me write another blog post and having been recently coerced into buying two demo CDs off dodgy guys standing outside our work on Cuba Mall.

So all I neded to do was put the two CDs on a mug in the oven - already on from cooking salmon for dinner, oh yeah - and voila! freshly baked dish goodness.



OVERALL - 2/10
I know its not completely clear so I'm going to point out that the styling here with the candle is meant to be ironic - WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK. I mean, it should have been obvious, but THE CDs HAVE HOLES IN THEM. The dish is completely useless for anything but putting a candle in it, and why would you want a wierd crumbled plastic thing around your candle? Waste of time - you are probably better off listening to the roots / R&B / reggae mix that was on those CDs. Plus they made the oven stink.