Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Luck of the drawers

I think it's pretty clear from my last 16 posts that I am no where near a place where I should be taking on major DIY involving a perfectly operational, expensive piece of furniture, but hey! I was bored. And it was ugly, so it was asking for it. 



OVERALL - 6/10
Obviously, the instructions required sanding down the object prior, especially if it had a thick varnish, which this piece did. I went as far as buying the sandpaper, but really that was never going to happen on so many levels - namely two: I live in an apartment. Sanding something indoors (and we have epic "open plan (read: one room) living) would definitely be a dusty, messy pain. And secondly, how boring is that? As a result, it's no surprise that the paint isn't really holding that well and it dings pretty easy. It is no accident that the photo has been taken quite far away as to hide my slightly sloppy painting job near the bottom. But I still like it better than the original, so a win for Pinterest. 


  1. Ha ha, that is so what puts me of all such diy projects - I can't get past even thinking about the sanding faze. nice work!

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