Sunday, 7 April 2013

Like watching paint dry

Well, the paint hasn't dried yet but I think I know how this blog post is going to end so here it goes.  The old 'painted mason jar' craze is everywhere on Pinterest, so it has been a bit of an oversight that I haven't tried any myself yet. I guess the reason for that is that I don't actually need any jars turned into a vase...but hey, that hasn't stopped me before from plunging money into some pointless DIY project that ends up in the bin after some ruthless mocking from my husband. So today, being a wet and cold Sunday night in Wellington (I know! Who would've thought) I walked briskly to trusty Bunnings to buy a test pot of paint in what should really by now be called Pinterest Duckegg Blue:



OVERALL - 7/10

OK, so a few things to consider here. Obviously, Bunnings did not have any test pots in the colour or even near to the colours I wanted. Any shade of Duckeggish Pinterest Blue, or my secondary colour Eggy Pinterest Yellow, or even Concrete Grey with a tone of Pinterest were noticibly absent from the shelves, which only reinforced my point that this is an old Pinterest trick and I'm too late to be trying it now.  However, when I got home I realised that I already had paint leftover from the drawers in the last blog post! So hurrah, this was to be a no cost project barring any disasters. But there were to be no disasters, it was actually even easier than it sounds - pour paint in, swirl it around slowly and carefully until the jar is that colour. Even I managed to do it  (although I did get paint everywhere because I was really sloppy in getting the paint into the jar, but that was just dumb). Now I just have to think of something to put in them,and maybe a different place to put them since they are so well camouflaged. Suggestions welcome.


  1. I have seen this trick myself and wondered about doing it. I am currently trying to de-clutter though so don't tempt me!

  2. Any chance of finding driftwood around your seafront? Maybe some rusty/twisty metal wires? Pencils? Utensils? Especially of the antique silver variety... Try lighting a tealight candle in them, might have a nice soft glow? Plant something in them? I bet cress or herbs would look good with the jars...

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